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You never outgrow your need for God... we can help you meet that need!

2017 | 2018 Local and Conference AMEC Meetings

  • PAD Founder's Day Celebration - February 11th @ 4pm, Gilbert, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Arizona Cluster Quarter - February 24th @ 9am, Tucson, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Mid Year 2018 Convocation - March 6th-8th, Denver, CO Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Tanner's 3rd Quarter - March 17th @ 10:30am Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Epiphany Training Institute - July 17th-21st, Glendale, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Pacific Northwest Annual Conference - August 7th-11th, Spokane, WA Tanner' name=
  • Desert | Mountain Annual Conference - August 28th-September 1st, Phoenix, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • California Annual Conference - September 5th-8th, Berkley, CA Tanner' name=
  • Midwest Annual Conference - September 18th-23rd, Independence, MO Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Southern California Annual Conference - October 17th-21st, Los Angeles, CA Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Missouri Annual Conference - October 24th-28th, St. Louis, MO Tanner' name=
  • Bishop's Planning Meeting - October 29th-30th, St. Louis, MO Tanner' name=
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The Servant Leaders of Historic Tanner's various organizations are dedicated to doing service for the Lord! They serve their church and community in a spirit of love and in excellence.

More information is available for most of the organizations listed below by clicking on the name of the organization. If you have an interest in becoming a Servant Leader or would like to become a part of one of the organizations listed below, please give us a call at (602) 253-8426.

Bereavement Committee
Coordinator -
   Ruth Louis

Male Chorus
Director -
   Cassandra Frierson

Study of the Word - S.O.W.
   Vernon Goode

Boy & Cub Scouts Troop 208
Troop Leaders -
   Dimitrius Weddington
   Burniece Lytle

Marketing Committee
   Venecia Anderson
   Rev. Sylvia Bills

Tanner Ensemble
Director -
   Cassandra Frierson

Celebrate Recovery Ministry
   Harold Mackey III
   Nellie Daniels

Married & Couples Ministry
   Rev. Gordon Gordon II
   Dr. Lynda Gordon

Tanner Youth Choir - TYC
Director -

Children's Church
Director -
   Deanna Sydnor

Medical Emergency Response Team
   Dr. Regina Wright

Tanner Youth Usher Board
   Doris Diggs
   Dr. Lynda Gordon

CHOSEN Generation - Youth Ministry
   Rev. Gordon Gordon III
   Rev. Angela Miller

Men of Tanner Bible Study
Teachers -
   Hershel Cox
   Rev. Ralph Hamilton
   Rodger Wells

Tanner's Health Ministry
   Denise Burton
   Shirley Ware

Church Photographers
   Venecia Anderson
   Floyd Galloway
   Larry Jones

Men of Tanner Ministry
   Rev. Ralph Hamilton

Technology Ministry
   Rev. Sylvia Bills

Church School
Co-Superintendents -
   Vernon & Zina Goode

Messengers for Christ Praise Team
Director -
    Janet Parker

Usher Board
   Harold Mackey III

Class Leader Council
President -
   Cherrilynn Moore

Multimedia Ministry
   Rev. Sylvia Bills

Vacation Bible School
Director & Co-Director -
   Victoria Garrison

Education & Tutoring Committee
   Doris Diggs &
   Reginald Yeatman

Music Department
Minister of Music -
   Dr. Jerome K. Garrison Sr.

Voices of Redemption Choir
Director -
   Cassandra Frierson

Generation IMPACT - Young Adult Ministry
   Jennifer Jasper
   Askia Stewart Jr.

New Song Choir
Director -
   Shaylan Richardson

Wedding Planning
Coordinators -
   Marsha Pettigrew
   Juanita Tillman

Girl Scout Troop 436
Troop Leader -
   Dr. Deanna Castle

One Church, One Child
   Zina Goode

Widows Support Group Ministry
   Rebecca Dawkins

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
   Rev. Dorothy Thomas

Sanctuary Choir
Director -
   Dr. Jerome K. Garrison Sr.

Women Ministers of Tanner
   Rev. Angela Miller

Jewel Choir
Director -

Sarah E. Tanner Women's Missionary Society
President -
   Joyce Jenkins

Women of Tanner Ministry
   Rev. Angela Miller

Jubilee Choir
Director -
   Dr. Jerome K. Garrison Sr.

Scholarship Committee
   Victoria Garrison

Young Adult Missionaries
   Natalie Goode

Lay Organization
President -
   Deborah Cox

Security & Emergency Response Team Ministry
   Rev. Michael Hopkins

Young People's Division - YPD
Director -
   Shnelle Stewart

Liturgical Praise & Worship Team
Instructors -
   Alexys Brandon
   Brandie Foggie

   Dr. Candace Hughes

Singles Ministry
Ministry Leader -



To stand up to any challenge, spend time on your knees.

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