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2017 | 2018 Local and Conference AMEC Meetings

  • PAD Founder's Day Celebration - February 11th @ 4pm, Gilbert, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Arizona Cluster Quarter - February 24th @ 9am, Tucson, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Mid Year 2018 Convocation - March 6th-8th, Denver, CO Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Tanner's 3rd Quarter - March 17th @ 10:30am Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Epiphany Training Institute - July 17th-21st, Glendale, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Pacific Northwest Annual Conference - August 7th-11th, Spokane, WA Tanner' name=
  • Desert | Mountain Annual Conference - August 28th-September 1st, Phoenix, AZ Tanner's Event Calendar
  • California Annual Conference - September 5th-8th, Berkley, CA Tanner' name=
  • Midwest Annual Conference - September 18th-23rd, Independence, MO Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Southern California Annual Conference - October 17th-21st, Los Angeles, CA Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Missouri Annual Conference - October 24th-28th, St. Louis, MO Tanner' name=
  • Bishop's Planning Meeting - October 29th-30th, St. Louis, MO Tanner' name=
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Ministries for the Whole Family

Boy & Cub Scouts - Troop 208

Better Than GREAT! Tanner's Boy & Cub Scouts - Troop 208, inspire, encourage, and mentor the male youths of Historic Tanner and in our community.

Dimitrius Weddington, Burniece Lytle

CHOSEN Generation

CHOSEN Generation Youth Ministry ministers to youth ages 12 - 18 through various activities and programs throughout the year, in conjunction with the Young People's Department (YPD) .

CHOSEN Generation also provides a special worship service for the youth, T.W.I.S.T. - Teens Worshiping in Truth and in Spirit, to reach, teach, and encourage our young people as they traverse through their Christian journey.

Generation IMPACT

Generation IMPACT (Innovative Ministry Positively Anointed for Christ Today) is a ministry geared toward young adults ages 18-30+ providing opportunities of learning and growing through various programs and events throughout the year. Generation IMPACT Ministry Young Adult Conference is held each year and engages the young adults in the workshops and a special Sunday sermon that motivates them to carry on in their Christian journey.

Girl Scout - Troop 436

Tanner's Girl Scouts - Troop 436 build on and develop their courage, confidence and character with the help of their Scout Leaders.

Dr. Deanna Castle



Married & Couples Ministry

The mission of the Married and Couples Ministry is to  provide married couples with biblical principles and life  skills that will help them establish and maintain healthy  marriage couples through God's original plan. We strive to  assist couples in every stage of relational development to  create a healthy marriage that thrives on commitment,  intimacy and growth. The Married and Couples Ministry is  committed to the edification of the members of the body of  Christ, and our respective communities by promoting and  supporting the holy covenant of marriage. The Married and  Couples Ministry strives to help couples grow closer to  Christ and closer to each other and to shine and soar to the  Glory of God.

Rev. Gordon & Dr. Lynda Gordon

Men of Tanner Ministry

Historic Tanner's Men of Tanner Ministry engages the men of Tanner into being actively involved in the work of their church. This ministry provides men of all ages the opportunity to use the gifts that they have to nurture, encourage, motivate, mentor, and teach the youth, young adult and adult males in Tanner and in the community.

Rev. Ralph Hamilton, Coordinator

Spice of Life - Senior Ministry

Rev. Melvyn Payne, Rev. Bettye Yeatman

Widows Support Group

Rebecca Dawkins

Women of Tanner Ministry

Rev. Agnela Miller


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