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Historic Tanner Chapel AME Church TEMPORARY WORSHIP SERVICE LOCATION We're Going Home Community Celebration 26th Pastoral Appreciation Tanner's Neighborhood Bible Study Fall Session 131st Desert Mountain Annual Conference A Jazz Night with Tanner Fundraiser AN A.M.E. CHURCH - CHURCH PICNIC Pastor Thomas Intercessory Prayer Ministry Historic Tanner's 2016|2017 Church Theme
Historic Tanner Chapel AME Church Pastor Thomas
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You never outgrow your need for God... we can help you meet that need!

2017 Local and Conference AMEC Meetings

  • Pacific Northwest Annual Conference - August 23rd-26th Tanner's Event Calendar
  • California Annual Conference - September 6th-10th Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Desert | Mountain Annual Conference - September 13th-16th Tanner's Event Calendar
  • MidWest Annual Conference - September 27th - October 1st Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Missouri Annual Conference - October 4th-8th Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Southern California Annual Conference - October 25th-29th Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Bishop's Planning Meeting - October 30th-31st Tanner's Event Calendar
  • Presiding Elder's Planning Meeting - November 11th @ 9am Tanner' name=
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Evangelism & Discipleship Team

Tanner's Evangelism & Discipleship Team Ministry strives to reach out to the lost to tell them the Good News of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, and teach them how to serve the Lord in the Great Commission to go out into the world and make Disciples of all the nations.

Rev. Jerrye Champion
& Rev. Charlesetta Lee

Evangelism & Discipleship Commission

The Membership, Evangelism & Discipleship Commission are charged with the growth of the membership of the church through a yearly Evangelism & Discipleship weekend designed to teach and train the lay members, leaders and officers of the church through workshops and seminars how to fulfill the Great Commission.

Joy Louis & Margaret Rease


To stand up to any challenge, spend time on your knees.

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